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Galata Tower. Galata-Turm (m), Fr. La tour of Galata, Eng. Galata Tower. Istanbul, Galata Tower, the historic district. Tower 14 century by the Genoese settled in Galata, in 1348 to protect areas against foreigners, in addition to built the walls of Galata. The walls of the Galata tower head. 16. century, used as a prison for prisoners executed Kasimpasa shipyard, dockyard was later turned into a warehouse.
Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Sultan I. between the years 1609-1616 By john on the historical peninsula in Istanbul, Mimar Mehmet Aga was Sedefkar. Blue Mosque, was decorated with green and white Iznik tiles and half-domes and large dome to the interior of the pen still works and decorated with blue-weighted by the Europeans as the "Blue Mosque (Blue Mosque)" is called. Converted into a museum of Hagia Sophia mosque in 1934, became the main mosque in Istanbul.
Religion, people and places of worship .. you look at the four corners of Istanbul, you will see the rising domes. Reflections of a culture very distinct motifs of Istanbul's streets overflow. Agenda for the majority of the headscarf in Turkey 3-week Spanish course with his friend almy'?ken .. Sevilla returned to training with my nephews my eyes turned to the churches. A Seville orange, as well as in almost every neighborhood of paradise seen in the presence of more than one church, a Spanish city.
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